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The Feldenkrais Method


Sally Low is a fully accredited practitioner in the Feldenkrais Method graduating in 1991.


The Feldenkrais Method is a form of movement education that uses gentle movement and directed attention to enhance your functioning. The foundation of this method is your ability to learn new action through out your life which is supported by research in Neuroplasticity. Your brain has the ability to change habitual ways of moving and thinking.


The Feldenkrais Method can assist you to understand how your mind and your body create an integrated whole. By exploring with our body’s potential in a guided way, we learn finer and finer differentiation that brings about increased mastery over our movements.


Feldenkrais can compliment traditional physiotherapy and exercise classes to build new body awareness and capacity for pain-free movement.


What are the benefits of Feldenkrais?

  • Better health and well-being

  • Improved attention, thinking ability, and emotional resilience 

  • Reduced pain 

  • Easier ways of doing familiar tasks 

  • Improved posture, movement, coordination and balance

  • Fuller, easier breathing

  • Control over muscular tension



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