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The Sally Low Method

Sally Low is a physiotherapist specialising in the Feldenkrais Method, with further training in Neuroplasticity and movement concepts.  She has worked in clinical settings, hospitals, rehabilitation and in private practice.


The Sally Low Method has been developed by Sally over 30 years of  assisting people to move and recover from injury and limited functioning.


Sally’s approach draws on extensive experience in the following modalities:

  • Physiotherapy

  • Feldenkrais Method

  • Dance Therapy

  • Neuroplasticity

  • Psychoanalytic Thinking

  • Play Theory

  • Hydrotherapy


Sally's approach is simple: she aids you to clarify your needs and current obstacles and then assists you to develop a suitable movement program based on your history, lifestyle and what you enjoy doing. Sally believes in building on your strengths and inner resources to begin and sustain the often long journey that successful rehabilitation requires.


Through active participation in a process that includes body awareness and mindfulness, you will begin a journey of learning.  You will learn how to move in more comfortable ways, reducing pain and increasing your coordination to achieve greater efficiency.  Sally will also assist you to understand how the mind and body are always functioning as a connected system that is dynamic and has the capacity to change.  


Sally knows from her experience that some become bored or give up with their rehabilitation program. Sally redefines exercise into a process of play, curiosity and enjoyment.  You will learn new ways to improve your flexibility, strength, coordination, and most importantly, function.


Sally is an excellent rehabilitation physiotherapist. She uses her specialist skills to diagnose injury and functional difficulties. Sally can assist you to understand the medical maze that you may be navigating. She knows the hospital and rehabilitation pathways and understands the options you may have already explored. Sally helps you make sense of the medical investigations you may have had and can assist you with future options in your pathway to optimal health and wellbeing.


The Sally Low Method provides you with an innovative rehabilitation pathway. The best treatment option is delivered by exploring what works best for you. Some people respond best to hands on treatment. Others want a program that they can do independently with direction provided on how to increasingly challenge themselves. Others like to participate in a group setting, enjoying how others offer them with insight.  Many people love the benefits of hydrotherapy and Sally works extensively with people in the water.

The Sally Low Method offers many ways to engage with your self and bring about improvement in how you are feeling.

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