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Improving dexterity, strength and creative expression.


From the minute you wake up, you use your hands. You turn off your alarm, turn on the tap, do up your buttons, tie your shoe laces, style your hair, pour the kettle. You rely on your hands through out the day to function. You creatively express yourself through your hands  cooking, painting, writing, drawing, playing musical instruments, sewing, knitting, gardening. Not to mention those of you that use your hands for your profession, be it in trades, massage, driving, study, using computers.

Hands  touch, stroke, squish, type, caress, pound, throw, manipulate, reach, grab. The dexterity and communication in your hands is truly remarkable as humans.


Who is this workshop suitable for:


Anyone that wants to continue enjoying the activities they love.


You may have lost function in your hands and arms from any of the following conditions or be experiencing pain or weakness. Arthritis, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, carpel tunnel syndrome, overuse of your hands, contractions, injuries, fractures.

Hands need to maintain range and strength in all the myriad of dexterity that is available. Some of you need to relax your grip, others need to improve strength, or reactivate fine motor skills, increase sensitivity, or change the functional use of your hands to prevent deformities as you age. Maybe the key for your improvement will be feeling and sensing internal relationships. When you connect deeply to yourself and your body there is so much to discover and enjoy.


In this workshop you will explore connections of your hand to your arm and whole body, though Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement. You will explore creative and fun ways to improve dexterity and fine manipulation. Simple ideas of how to maintain strength in your grip and other movements of your hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder


Sally Low shares her vast knowledge of assisting people to move and creatively express themselves. She weaves her knowledge as a Physiotherapist, Feldenkrais Practitioner and Creative Movement and Dance Teacher and to offer a fun and informative workshop.


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