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Neck Freedom

Unclenching The Jaw

Unclenching The Jaw is an innovative program designed to relieve neck and shoulder tension by discovering the relationship of your jaw and throat to your neck. So often people think the solution to chronic neck tightness is to stretch the muscles of the back of the neck. Providing short term relief to chronic pain and sleepless nights.They buy mouth guards from the dentist to stop themselves grinding their teeth away during the night. Hardly romantic and not exactly pleasurable!

There are other simple solutions, using principles of neuroplasticity (learning) and play ( exploration and practice).


Through gentle movements and guided awareness, you will understand in your own body how tightness and habitual holding of your jaw and throat restricts your neck freedom and can lead to such complaints as persistent headaches and stress grinding of your teeth. Jaw clenching and neck tension are common habitual patterns that you can change.


Give yourself a gift of experiencing simple solutions that can be done anytime and anywhere to provide not only relief but freedom from restriction and pain.


Neck Freedom is suitable for:

  • headaches and migraines

  • neck pain

  • jaw clicking and jaw pain

  • tight neck muscles

  • teeth grinding (bruxism) and recurrent lip biting

  • sinus pain and tired eyes

  • shoulder tension

  • nervous cough

Anyone interested in improving their general health and well being.


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